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Dance & theatre

Our studio is about sharing the love and fun of dance through technical training, qualified and safe teaching practices, in a fabulously equipped studio. Students are encouraged to reach their individual goals through a team environment, choosing their level of participation. Learn at your own pace or strive for performances and competitions. Students can choose to learn recreationally or competitively with all students receiving the same quality tuition from all our teachers. Our studio is here to spread the love of dance and to encourage students to excel through correct dance technique. Everything happens in a safe, fun environment inside our well-equipped, dance studio!
Dancers — Dance & Theatre in Barmaryee, QLD
Along with our regular dance programs, we also offer:

  • Bride & groom dance lessons
  • Custom choreography
  • Wedding dance entertainment
  • Dance entertainment for functions
  • Father & daughter dance lessons
  • Bridal party dance lessons

Get the lessons you need to shine on any special occasion. We’re flexible to work with your wedding schedule to make sure you’re ready for the big day.

Classical Ballet

Classical ballet provides a solid foundation for all dance facets. We offer correct and quality technical training. You can do this class for fun or advance through the levels with RAD examinations. Classical ballet is a well-loved dance practised around the world by enthusiasts, professionals, amateurs and students of all ages. Our teachers have experience teaching classical ballet based on RAD standards and curriculum.
Ballet — Dance & Theatre in Barmaryee, QLD
Hip Hop — Dance & Theatre in Barmaryee, QLD

Hip Hop & Breaking

Our Hip Hop and Dance programme allows students to experience the latest styles and dance moves in both Breaking and Hip Hop. Both boys and girls can develop the confidence to express themselves in the way they always wanted to!

Modern Jazz & Dance Acrobatics

Up - Tempo and a total explosion of fun! Modern Jazz allows the student to develop their Jazz technique with focus on fun while strengthening and limbering to acquire the correct deportment needed to effectively express themselves in safe dance practice. This facet also explores Musical Theatre, Cabaret and Latin styles. Dance Acrobatics accompanies Jazz, Contemporary and Hip Hop styles beautifully, delivering new skills such as flips, rolls and many forms of exciting moves to incorporate into dance routines.
Modern Jazz — Dance & Theatre in Barmaryee, QLD
Glenn Wood Tap Dance — Dance & Theatre in Barmaryee, QLD


We teach students about the exciting and dynamic art of tap dancing using the Glenn Wood technique. Everyone has a fantastic time with this dance, from the kids and adults to the teachers! Tappers will feel connected with their tapping and execute their technique fabulously while feeling a great sense of accomplishment.

Contemporary & lyrical

Both contemporary and lyrical dance styles have deep roots in ballet, but they mix in unique, new moves and current music. We love to teach these dance styles as an outlet for students to express themselves through different abstract choreography.
Contemporary Dance — Dance & Theatre in Barmaryee, QLD